Unlocking the Mystical Power of Unarmed Strikes in 5e

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Imagine yourself standing amidst a shadowy forest, surrounded by a horde of fierce creatures. Your weapons lie shattered, and you find yourself defenseless. Suddenly, your fists ignite with an ethereal glow, unleashing a torrent of arcane energy that decimates your foes. You have discovered the ancient secret of imbuing your unarmed strikes with the power of magic.


In Dungeons & Dragons 5e, unarmed strikes may seem mundane, but they can become extraordinary through the potent synergy of otherworldly powers. Magical unarmed strikes allow you to channel your inner essence, transforming your fists and feet into conduits of pure spellbinding force.

How to Make Unarmed Strikes Magical

[Monk Subclasses]

The Monk class offers several subclasses that grant magical unarmed strike abilities. The Way of the Four Elements empowers you to harness the elements, summoning gusts of wind, surges of water, blistering flames, and trembling earth to augment your attacks. The Way of the Kensei grants you proficiency with any monk weapon, which can be infused with magical energy to become a conduit of your formidable martial arts prowess.


Feats provide an alternative path to imbue your unarmed strikes with arcane potency. The Tavern Brawler feat enhances your unarmed damage, while also granting you proficiency in improvised weapons. Combine this feat with the Crusher feat, which allows you to shift enemies when they are hit by your unarmed strikes, creating powerful crowd control opportunities.

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Certain cantrips can be cast using your unarmed strikes, amplifying their effects. The mage hand cantrip enables you to manipulate objects at range using your fists, while the shocking grasp cantrip delivers a jolt of electricity directly into your target. By casting cantrips through your unarmed strikes, you can extend your magical reach and unleash a variety of elemental or psychic effects.


Magical items can also bestow the power of unarmed strikes. The Amulet of Unarmed Combat grants a bonus to your attack and damage rolls with unarmed strikes, while the Gauntlets of Ogre Power provide a significant strength bonus, empowering your fists with the brute force of a giant.

Expert Insights and Actionable Tips

[Eldren the Master Monk]

“Unarmed strikes are extensions of oneself. By channeling your inner essence through the tendrils of magic, you unlock a wellspring of untapped power. Proficiency with unarmed strikes is paramount, as is the diligent practice of martial techniques. Seek harmony between body and mind to unleash the full potential of your arcane fists.”

[Tips for Beginners]

  • Focus on Dexterity and Wisdom, as they enhance your unarmed strike abilities.
  • Invest in the Tavern Brawler and Crusher feats for increased damage and crowd control.
  • Combine unarmed strikes with cantrips like shocking grasp to deal elemental damage.
  • Explore magical items that augment your unarmed combat prowess, such as the Amulet of Unarmed Combat.

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How To Make Unarmed Strikes Magical 5e


Unarmed strikes in 5e are not merely physical attacks; they are conduits for unleashing the mystical powers that lie within you. By embracing the teachings of ancient monks, wielding potent feats, casting cantrips through your fists, and equipping magical items, you can transform your humble hands and feet into weapons of arcane devastation. Remember, the true power lies not only in the techniques you master, but in the unyielding determination to ignite the magic within your unarmed strikes.

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