How Many Cloud Vials to Get Windy Bee – A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of Bee Swarm Simulator, the elusive Windy Bee holds a special place due to its exceptional abilities. Players determined to harness the power of this airborne wonder must embark on a meticulous journey to collect Cloud Vials, the key to unlocking this extraordinary creature. This comprehensive guide will unravel the intricate secrets of obtaining the requisite Cloud Vials and empower you with the knowledge to capture the enigmatic Windy Bee.


Cloud Vials: The Gatekeepers to Windy Airs

Cloud Vials represent ethereal vessels that encapsulate the very essence of the sky. They materialize in distinct hues, each signifying a different rarity level, with the hallowed “Epic” Cloud Vial standing as the most coveted. The possession of Epic Cloud Vials proves paramount in your quest for the Windy Bee.

Secrets of Acquiring Cloud Vials

  1. Field Encounters: The mystical fields found within Bee Swarm Simulator harbor a concealed cache of Cloud Vials. As you delve into these vibrant landscapes, keep a keen eye out for glistening vials tucked away amid the flora and fauna. Don’t hesitate to interact with these glimmering treasures and retrieve their precious contents.

  2. Quests and Events: The denizens of the Bee Swarm Simulator often embark on quests that reward diligence and determination. Seize these opportunities to showcase your aptitude and reap the rewards, for Cloud Vials may be bestowed upon those who prove their worth. Moreover, special events that grace the realm periodically may also yield Cloud Vials as exceptional rewards.

  3. Star Hall: Within the confines of the enigmatic Star Hall, a hidden bazaar awaits your patronage. Here, you can utilize your hard-earned treats to acquire Cloud Vials from the enigmatic Star Jelly NPC. Be prepared to part with a substantial number of treats, as the Epic Cloud Vial demands a hefty price.

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The Enigma Unveiled: How Many Cloud Vials for the Windy Bee

The answer to this pivotal question is encapsulated in a specific number: Five. To summon the Windy Bee from the ethereal void, you must present an offering of five Epic Cloud Vials. Each vial represents a fragment of the bee’s essence, and only when all five shards are assembled can you awaken this celestial creature.

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Journey’s End: Capturing the Windy Bee

Once you have amassed the requisite Cloud Vials, the moment of truth arrives. Journey to the Windy Field, a realm of swirling winds and hidden wonders. Locate the glowing summoning platform and interact with it. As you unveil the Epic Cloud Vials from your inventory, a surge of energy will engulf the platform, culminating in the majestic emergence of the Windy Bee.

Embracing the Windy Bee’s Power

With the Windy Bee now at your command, you gain access to an unparalleled ally. This enchanting creature possesses the mystical power of gusts, summoning swirling cyclones that propel your bees to dizzying heights. The higher they fly, the greater their honey-gathering prowess becomes. Additionally, the Windy Bee’s unique token boosts your bees’ movement speed, enhancing their ability to navigate the honeycombs with effortless grace.

How Many Cloud Vials To Get Windy Bee


The path to acquiring the Windy Bee is paved with challenges, but the rewards are immeasurable. Embrace this comprehensive guide and embark on a quest to gather the elusive Cloud Vials. As you approach the end of your journey, remember that the Windy Bee not only represents a coveted creature but also a symbol of your unwavering dedication and love for the enchanting world of Bee Swarm Simulator. May your honey-gathering endeavors soar to unprecedented heights with the Windy Bee by your side.

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