Unveil the Enchanting Shores of Stewart Island – A Journey of Discovery

In the heart of New Zealand’s pristine southern archipelago, where the Tasman Sea’s azure waters meet the rugged coastlines, a sanctuary awaits discovery – Stewart Island. Renowned for its untouched beauty, vibrant wildlife, and captivating history, it promises an unforgettable encounter with nature and oneself. Embark on a journey to this enigmatic isle, and witness the transformative power of a pristine paradise.

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Reaching Stewart Island is an adventure in itself, with multiple options at your disposal to traverse the Foveaux Strait that separates the island from the South Island. Allow us to navigate the waters, providing you with the most comprehensive guide to plan your arrival on Stewart Island.

Ferries: Your Gateway to Stewart’s Embrace

The most popular mode of transport to Stewart Island is undoubtedly the ferry service. Operating daily from Bluff, the southernmost town in mainland New Zealand, these ferries embark on a scenic one-hour and 45-minute voyage across the Foveaux Strait. As you set sail, the panorama unfolds before your eyes, showcasing the rugged coastline of the South Island receding behind you while the lush hills and secluded coves of Stewart Island emerge on the horizon.

Multiple ferry companies ply this route, offering both passenger-only and vehicle-carrying services. Whether you’re a foot passenger or prefer to explore the island on wheels, the ferries cater to your needs. Once on board, settle into comfortable seating and soak in the breathtaking views as you traverse the strait.

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The Charm of Air Travel: Soaring Above the Foveaux Strait

If time is of the essence, consider taking a flight to Stewart Island. This swift and convenient option whisks you from Invercargill Airport to Oban, the main settlement on Stewart Island, in a mere 20 minutes. Escape the confines of land and soar above the Foveaux Strait, marveling at the patchwork of islands and the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean.

Stewart Island Flights, the sole provider of air services to the island, operates scheduled flights throughout the day, ensuring flexibility in your travel plans. Embrace the bird’s-eye perspective as you approach Stewart Island, where the island’s spectacular landscapes unfurl beneath your wings.

Private Charter: Your Exclusive Passage to Serenity

For those seeking a tailored and exclusive experience, chartering a private boat or helicopter offers the ultimate flexibility and convenience. Embark from Bluff or Riverton on a private vessel, setting your own pace and itinerary. Navigate the Foveaux Strait at your leisure, stopping at secluded coves and hidden beaches along the way.

Helicopter charters elevate the journey to new heights, providing an unparalleled perspective of the island’s rugged coastline and pristine interior. Soar above dense forests, sparkling lakes, and untouched beaches, witnessing the island’s untouched beauty from a breathtaking vantage point. The charter services cater to your specific needs, allowing you to customize your arrival on Stewart Island down to the finest detail.

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How To Get To Stewart Island

Which Path Will You Choose?

The choice of transport to Stewart Island hinges upon your travel preferences and time constraints. Ferries offer a budget-friendly and scenic option, allowing you to savor the journey across the Foveaux Strait. Air travel provides a swift and convenient alternative, while private charters grant the ultimate flexibility and exclusivity.

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No matter the path you choose, the arrival on Stewart Island promises to be an experience etched in your memory – a gateway to an extraordinary realm where nature’s wonders await discovery.

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