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In the realm of Monster Hunter Rise, Magnamalo reigns as a formidable flagship monster, its sleek yet menacing presence instilling both awe and fear among hunters. Defeating this behemoth is not merely a testament to one’s prowess, but also grants access to its coveted Magnamalo Plates, a rare and valuable material used to forge exceptional weapons and armor. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of obtaining Magnamalo Plates, equipping you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer this elusive prize.

Breaking Down

Magnamalo Plates, the gleaming emblems of the monster’s might, can be acquired through two primary avenues: carving the beast’s remains after a successful hunt or receiving them as quest rewards. While both methods offer a potential path to obtaining the coveted plates, the probabilities associated with each differ.


Upon vanquishing Magnamalo, hunters can proceed to carve its body for a chance of obtaining Magnamalo Plates. This process involves using a carving knife to extract precious materials from the monster’s hide, bones, and organs. While the plate is not a guaranteed reward, dedicated hunters will find that repeatedly carving the monster over multiple hunts increases their odds of acquiring it.

Quest Rewards

Embarking on quests that specifically feature Magnamalo as the target monster presents another opportunity to obtain Magnamalo Plates. Whether through Village Quests or Hub Quests, completing these challenges may yield the plates as bonus rewards. While the chances of receiving a plate through this method may be lower compared to carving, undertaking multiple quests provides persistent opportunities to accumulate the desired material.

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Optimizing Your Chances

Maximizing the likelihood of obtaining Magnamalo Plates requires meticulous preparation and strategic execution. Consider these helpful tips to enhance your chances:

Prioritize Carving: Focus on carving Magnamalo as diligently as possible after the hunt. Utilizing a bone carver with increased carving levels further improves your chances of extracting plates.

Target Vulnerable Parts: Magnamalo’s head, tail, and sometimes its wings are likely to yield Magnamalo Plates when carved. Concentrating your attacks on these body parts during combat increases your odds.

Join Multiplayer Hunts: Collaborating with fellow hunters in multiplayer quests increases the number of Magnamalo carcasses available for carving, potentially boosting your chances.

Complete Sub-Objectives: During quests, strive to accomplish additional objectives such as breaking Magnamalo’s parts or capturing it. Completing these sub-goals can increase the probability of obtaining Magnamalo Plates as quest rewards.

Additional Tips

In addition to the core strategies, these extra tips can further refine your approach:

Craft Luck-Boosting Gear: Equip armor and charms that enhance your luck stat, as this may influence the likelihood of obtaining rare items like Magnamalo Plates.

Use Felyne Booster Skills: Activate the Felyne Weakener or Felyne Carver skills through Meal Vouchers at the canteen to temporarily increase your chances of breaking and carving specific monster parts, respectively.

Farming Routes: Expeditions provide opportunities to farm Magnamalo repeatedly by entering and exiting the same area where the monster spawns. This method allows for multiple encounters and potential chances to obtain plates.


Obtaining Magnamalo Plates in Monster Hunter Rise requires a combination of skill, strategy, and a touch of luck. By mastering the techniques outlined in this guide, hunters can increase their chances of acquiring this valuable material and crafting exceptional gear to conquer even the most fearsome challenges that await them in the realm of Monster Hunter Rise. Remember to persevere and refine your approach, and the coveted Magnamalo Plates shall become a testament to your unwavering determination and hunting prowess.

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