How to Dispel the Enchanting Grip of Hold Person in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the thrilling realms of Baldur’s Gate 3, the insidious spell Hold Person ensnares unsuspecting adventurers, leaving them vulnerable and paralyzed. But fear not, intrepid adventurers! For there are ways to break free from this magical hold and reclaim your freedom.

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Unraveling the Web of Hold Person

Hold Person, a spell of enchantment, immobilizes its target, rendering them helpless and unable to move or act. This spell can prove detrimental in the heat of combat, but understanding its mechanics is key to overcoming its effects.

Resisting the Enchantment

The first line of defense against Hold Person is resistance. Charisma, the attribute associated with willpower and mental fortitude, plays a crucial role in resisting this enchantment. Those with a high Charisma modifier have a better chance of fending off its effects. Additionally, certain items and spells, such as the Cloak of Protection or the Sanctuary spell, can grant resistance bonuses, increasing the likelihood of breaking free.

Countering the Spell with Powers

Beyond Charisma, various classes and subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3 possess abilities that directly counter Hold Person. For instance, paladins with the Oath of Devotion can invoke their Channel Divinity: Sacred Weapon ability, imbuing their weapon with divine energy that dispels magical effects, including Hold Person. Similarly, sorcerers with the Subtle Spell metamagic can cast spells without somatic components, allowing them to counter the spell without breaking concentration.

Breaking the Chains with Abilities

Abilities innate to certain races can also provide a lifeline against Hold Person. For example, the Elven racial trait, Misty Step, allows them to teleport a short distance, potentially escaping the spell’s range. Similarly, the Dragonborn’s Draconic Resilience ability grants resistance to enchanting spells, reducing the likelihood of being held in place.

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Leveraging Potions and Items

The vast world of Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a plethora of potions and items that can aid in breaking free from Hold Person. Consuming a Potion of Liberation or a Potion of Invisibility can remove the spell’s effects, restoring freedom of movement. Additionally, magical items like the Amulet of Magic Resistance or the Cloak of Displacement can provide ongoing protection against Hold Person and other enchantment effects.

Seeking Aid from Allies

In a party of adventurers, teamwork can prove invaluable in overcoming Hold Person. Healers can use spells like Lesser Restoration or Remove Curse to dispel the enchantment. Additionally, characters with high Strength or Athletics proficiency can attempt to break the hold with a grapple check, potentially freeing their ally from the spell’s clutches.

Breaking the Will

In some cases, Hold Person can be broken through sheer force of will. Repeated attempts to move or act, even while paralyzed, can gradually reduce the spell’s duration. The more determined the target, the greater the chance of breaking free before the spell ends naturally.


Hold Person, while a formidable spell, is not insurmountable in Baldur’s Gate 3. By understanding its mechanics, utilizing resistance, countering with abilities, breaking the chains with items, leveraging potions, seeking aid from allies, and exercising determination, adventurers can break free from the enchanting grip of Hold Person and reclaim their freedom to forge their own path through the treacherous realms of Faerûn.

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How To Get Rid Of Hold Person Bg3

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